A gathering of the Split startup scene

A gathering of the Split startup scene

Can you name 3 startups from Split?


In a city with more than 20 startups, a large number of people do not know about a single one, and perhaps not even the essential meaning of the word startup.


Do names like: Vetzy, RentALocal, Glamos, Elnnav, InfoPoint, WebLab, Soundscaper, GetWork, Kleio museum, Metabelly, ScanEat, GiveNGet, Blazorise, DotYourSpot, WindWard mean anything to you... these are all startups that took the initiative, dared to realize their ideas and visions and who can hope for world success one day.

There are more and more of these in Split, and considering such a trend, it would be quite logical that there are more institutions, that is, institutions that encourage this and help these young entrepreneurs to succeed. But in reality it's not quite like that and there is plenty of room to help startups in their development journey.

However, there is one community where startups can gather, express their opinion, where they can be educated, receive financial support, advice, guidance and general help at any point in their development.


Members of the Dalmatia Startup Community have all this and much more, who just last week met at the annual gathering of the startup community in Split.


Dalmatia Startup Community gathers a group of people, startup founders and entrepreneurs who want to become one - and they have full support for that. From who?

The aforementioned community of local startups and Digital Dalmacija, which brought this community together, has been "pushing" young startups for years and actually took care of the development of the local startup ecosystem and works on it every day.


Until now


At the beginning, all guests of the meetup had the opportunity to listen briefly to everything that the Dalmatia Startup Community offers its members. Damir Brčić from Digital Dalmatia presented what has been organized for startups in the past year. From going to world startup conferences, to organizing even two startup conferences in Split. Meetings with investors, numerous entrepreneurial educations, holding a startup academy and starting an accelerator.... everything a startup needs is easily found here.


What interested the head of Digital Dalmacija the most was their opinion on the things that happened during the past year, but also their position on the idea of ​​starting the first startup accelerator in Split.

"In order to be able to help startups, it is crucial to listen to their real needs, but also to follow world trends in the development of the startup ecosystem and apply that here in Split", is the message of Damir Brčić from Digitalna Dalmacija.


From now on


What do you need most in the next year? That was the main question of this meetup. What do startups need most at the moment - space, mentoring help, financing, investments?


Who will know better than themselves. And that's exactly why startups took their word for it when the topic became "What will we do in 2024?".


They presented their ideas, suggested how to move in the direction of attracting investments, how the environment for the development of existing and the emergence of new startups can be developed even better.

There are few of us, but we are there


All kinds. Student teams, top startups, those who are just starting out, those who only have an idea and are looking for help on how to proceed...


And they are all there with the same goal. To turn Split into a small silicon valley together!

A small community has its advantages. Everyone knows each other and does not hesitate to ask for advice and guidance. This was also confirmed by Maja Galić, co-founder of the Kleio museum startup:


“I'm always surprised how friendly a community can be. No one will look at you strangely if you talk about a bunch of new ideas - because you have found your circle of people where you can talk about ideas, exchange experiences, create some new views... and that's the best thing about this story, and I'm happy to be a part of it and that I can spend time with people who are both experienced and full of knowledge that they are happy to share. All in all - we all win here!

"To do something like this you have to be crazy, and to develop this idea - you have to find someone who is just as crazy as you - to work with you on it",

explained Hrvoje Mihovilović, the founder of the startup Helm Order Monitor. Every genius, they say, has a bit of madness. In this dynamic digital world, diversity of ideas and diversity of personalities is what makes the community so special.

Everything they have done so far, they will do next year at a new location

The Innovation Incubation Center of Digital Dalmacija will soon open its doors in the former "Varteks" building in Ruđer Boškovića Street. The space will come to life for young innovators, startups and all those who are members of the tech scene.


Currently in the works, but conceived as a startup incubator, coworking and daily space for the interaction of the entire local technology community.